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Massachusetts Muscle Shirt

Massachusetts Muscle Shirt


This piece features an engraved metal plate at the collar which reads "2024" and is secured with spikes. There is metal button snaps at the hem which, when worn with any Land Filler sweats/shorts, creates the perfect drape.

On the back side is a poem written by the designer. Which reads;


"My poetry is putrid, 

And instagram hates me.

The young and the ruthless remind me I’m foolish… 

I miss the days when PBR was the coolest. 

When dancing in the moonlight was a cinematic existence.

Now all of my friends lost their minds to the resistance.

Though my memories remain persistence, 

In truth I don’t know the difference.

I’d love to have a friend but I wouldn’t soon risk it—

A red flag but I missed it.

And the cuties? 

I’ve kissed em.

My self respect and chastity were lost to the system— 

Stop quoting John Grisham. 

You dealt me a shit hand.

At least at 13 I was the queen of a realec called stickam…


But now? 


I wanna run away.

Maryland, Maine or Massachusetts—

Fighting for fame,

How much longer can I do this? 

Preaching works of Voltaire to the hateful and clueless—

Don’t press on my bruises.

Is it wrong for me to choose this? 

To skinny my throat in hopes the noose loosen? 

What do you want from me? 

I’m trying my hardest.

Shit- “the unintended subtext of Diane Arbus” 

The constant criticism. 

The works of artistic genius you choose not to witness. 

I shout to my brothers but you’re refusing to listen…

Forward my calls to the assistant.

Eating shit like a brisket—

Pineapple in my palm…

“My grandfather in the corner having flashbacks to Nom”

All at! 

I’m sick of self promotion! 

I create art everyday but what it lacks is emotion! 

Best not share my opinion and cause a commotion—

Methane in my lotion,

Physiatric pollution,

Erosion to my frontal lobe…

Cause thoughts and prayers don’t mean shit when you’re walking home alone."


    All sales final.


    Please allow 2-3 buisiness days for order fulfillment. Shipping time may vary. 

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